How Old Is The Earth According To Islam? (Best solution)

Most contemporary Muslims (including scholars) have concluded that the answer to the age of the Earth does not lie in the Qur’an, and they have come to accept the scientifically accepted age of 4.5 billion years.

Is it age of Earth in Islam near ~5000 years old?

  • Is it age of earth in Islam near ~5000 years old or Islam shares scientific point of view of earth age? Show activity on this post. According to Shia Islam the exact age of Earth is not mentioned but there are some Hadith that show the age of earth is millions or billions of years.

What does the Quran say about the earth’s age?

The Quran says the earth was created in two days whilst the universe in six. This is a ratio of 1/3. If we divide the current age of the earth with the current age of the universe we also arrive at the same value.

When was the earth created in Islam?

Six Days? The Qur’an states that “Allah created the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, in six days” (7:54). While on the surface this might seem similar to the account related in the Bible, there are some important distinctions.

How old is Islam in years?

The start of Islam is marked in the year 610, following the first revelation to the prophet Muhammad at the age of 40. Muhammad and his followers spread the teachings of Islam throughout the Arabian peninsula.

How long was earth created in Quran?

The Universe was created in Six Days Allah states that He created the universe, the heavens and earth and all that is in, on and between them in six days, as He has stated in several Ayat in the Qur’an.

What did Allah create first?

“First of all, there was nothing but Allah, and (then He created His Throne). His Throne was over the water, and He wrote everything in the Book (in the Heaven) and created the Heavens and the Earth.”

Why did Allah create us?

Allah (swt) created us so that we worship him and be thankful to him all the time. Other objectives of creation are important but secondary. Another objective to send us to earth is to test us in the maze of conflicting forces, but only after giving complete guidance to help us distinguish between right and wrong.

Which is older Quran or Bible?

The Bible is older than the Quran. The Quran was written by Muhammad in the 500 ADs. The Bible consists of books written centuries before. All of them were compiled into the Bible at a later time but the books themselves existed before the Quran.

Is Allah mentioned in the Bible?

Allah and the god of the Bible Arabic-speaking Christians call God Allah, and Gideon bibles, quoting John 3:16 in different languages, assert that Allah sent his son into the world. Some Christians therefore deny that Allah is the god they acknowledge.

When did Adam enter Earth?

According to the lengthier Yahwist (J) narrative of the 10th century bce (Genesis 2:5–7, 2:15–4:1, 4:25), God, or Yahweh, created Adam at a time when the earth was still void, forming him from the earth’s dust and breathing “into his nostrils the breath of life.” God then gave Adam the primeval Garden of Eden to tend

How old is Hinduism vs Islam?

Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion, according to many scholars, with roots and customs dating back more than 4,000 years. Today, with about 900 million followers, Hinduism is the third-largest religion behind Christianity and Islam. Roughly 95 percent of the world’s Hindus live in India.

Who was the founder of Islam?

The rise of Islam is intrinsically linked with the Prophet Muhammad, believed by Muslims to be the last in a long line of prophets that includes Moses and Jesus.

What is the oldest religion?

The word Hindu is an exonym, and while Hinduism has been called the oldest religion in the world, many practitioners refer to their religion as Sanātana Dharma (Sanskrit: सनातन धर्म, lit.

Who wrote the Quran?

The Prophet Muhammad disseminated the Koran in a piecemeal and gradual manner from AD610 to 632, the year in which he passed away. The evidence indicates that he recited the text and scribes wrote down what they heard.

Who is Allah in the Bible?

Allah, Arabic Allāh ( “God” ), the one and only God in Islam. Etymologically, the name Allah is probably a contraction of the Arabic al-Ilāh, “the God.” The name’s origin can be traced to the earliest Semitic writings in which the word for god was il, el, or eloah, the latter two used in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).

Where does Allah live?

As per Quran, heaven is above earth. But it does not specify any planes. The answer to the question “where” is with Allah. Allah is seated in his throne in the seventh heaven.

How old is earth in Islam?

The Quran is considered to be a cryptography book since it contains far too much information for it to fit into a standard book of 500 pages. In Hadith from Ahlul-Bayt, you will find numerous intriguing aspects in verses that you have already passed over for various reasons but have never stated. Quran itself claims that this is actually a Most Honourable Quran; that it is contained in a Book that is highly encrypted and guarded; that it is only to be touched by those who are pure; and that it is a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds.

Perhaps someone will consider the days from the viewpoint of the creator, Allah, as being different in different situations or for different creatures, for example, Allah says:The angels and the spirit ascend unto him in a Day the measure of which is (as) fifty thousand years (Al-Ma’aarej:4), and then use the verse that Allah says he created the universe in 6 days:We created the heavens and the earth and everything between them in Six Days, and We were not fatigued in the process (Ghaf:38)in order to get a figure equivalent to 300,000 years for the creation of the Earth and the sky, rather than for the age of the Earth and the skies.

It is true that it is not acceptable in Islam for the Earth to be 5000 years old when we believe Adam’s descent occurred around 7000 years ago and that there were numerous Adams and their numerous children living here on earth prior to our parents being created from dust; however, I cannot support my above answer because, if I am correct, according to Shia Islam time can vary (though not inverted, I believe!?) Interestingly, something similar to relativity theory has been proposed, although I’m not convinced that time changes simply with speed; in truth, time may change with speed, but it also changes with other aspects, which my limited understanding has never touched on.

I’ve only come across that in Shia Ahadith, and it appears to be true.

Are there any texts that state the age of the earth? – Islam Question & Answer

Allah be praised for his mercies. Because a manuscript or printed book is categorized as Islamic, it does not follow that the viewpoint or attitude expressed within is valid or acceptable, let alone reflective of the Islamic point of view in absolute terms. Instead, it is vital that the author who gives this viewpoint be one of the experts who are well-known for their knowledge, from whom others may learn, and whose opinions are followed. It should next be determined whether or whether the scholar’s point of view is supported by the evidence on which he or she relied, particularly in the case of disagreements among the experts over a particular issue.

  1. “The Creator of the heavens and the earth,” declares Allah, may He be glorified, in reference to the creation of all things out of nothing (interpretation of the meaning).
  2. Any person who does anything new that hasn’t been done before is referred to as an innovator (mubdi).
  3. As the name suggests, innovation is presented by the person who promoted it, rather than through following the acts or viewpoints of any otherscholar.
  4. Allah, may He be praised, says (interpretation of the meaning): “And certainly, We created the heavens and the earth and everything in between them in six Days, and we were not fatigued by any of our labors.” In these six days, the Holy Qur’an gives specifics about the creation of the world.
  5. For all those who inquire, He built therein (i.e., the earth) strong mountains from above it, blessed it, and measured therein its sustenance (for its residents) in four Days equal (i.e., all four days were the same amount of time), for all those who inquire (about its creation).

They both answered, “We are willing to come.” Afterwards, in two days, He completed and ended their creation as sevenheavens, and He made each heaven its own concern.” What appears to be the case is that what is indicated by His words here – “in fourDays” – is by the conclusion of the four-day period.

  1. So if you add two days to the previous four days, you have a total of six days in which He created the heavens and the earth, as well as everything in between.
  2. Adwa’ al-Bayaan (7th of December).
  3. In our response to question no.20613, we explored the wisdom of the creation taking six days, despite the fact that Allah, may He be exalted, is capable of doing it in a shorter period of time, or even in a single instant of time.
  4. One viewpoint is that Friday was one of the six days of creation; on this basis, the beginning of creation occurred on Sunday and its completion occurred on Friday, the day on which Adam was born.
  5. Ibn Taymiyah (may Allah have mercy on him) mentions Ibn Taymiyah (may Allah have mercy on him) more than once in his writings.
  6. According to this view, creation began on Saturday and ended on Thursday, and creation was completed in six days.

Two elements lend credence to this second point of view: In the verses before the creation of Adam by Allah (may He be exalted), He said that He had created the world, as He states (interpretation of the meaning): “And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: ‘Verily, I am going to place(mankind) generations following generations on the earth.’ ” ‘Will You install within people who will do mischief and shed blood, – while we celebrate You with praises and gratitude (Exalted be You beyond everything that they identify with You as partners) and purify You?’ they asked.

  • Then he (Allah) responded, ‘I know that which you are unaware of.'” Accordingly, Adam (peace be upon him) was not formed during the six days that Allah spent creating the heavens and earth as well as all that exists between them.
  • The proponents of this viewpoint cite a hadith as evidence in support of their position.
  • Some scholars considered this hadith to be erroneous, believing it to be the words of Ka’bal-Ahbaar, and hence deemed it to be untrustworthy.
  • Al-Bukhaari said that these were the statements of Ka’b al-Ahbaar, and he provided proof.
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According to Al-Bayhaqi and others, it was da’eef, and this is the correct view, because it has been proven through tawaatur reports that Allah created the heavens and the earth, and everything in between, in six days, and it has also been proven that the last of creation occurred on the Friday, which means that the beginning of creation occurred on the Sunday.

According to hadiths and other sources, this is what has been recounted and proved.

Majmoo’ al-Fataawa (Majmoo’ al-Fataawa, 18/18) According to al-Manaar al-Muneef (85), and al-Haafiz Ibn Katheer (may Allah have mercy on him) in hisTafseer (1/215), what Shaykh al-Islam asserted here and elsewhere in his works in more than one place, was likewise favored by his disciple Imam Ibnal-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him).

Al-‘Allaamah al-Mu’allimi (may Allah have mercy on him) stated: “There is nothing in this hadith to indicate that Allahcreated anything on the seventh day except Adam, and there is nothing in the Qur’an to indicate that He created Adam in the first six days; rather, this is known to be incorrect.” There is nothing in this hadith to indicate that Allahcreated anything on the seventh day except Adam, and there is nothing in the Qur’an to indicate There is something in the verses at the beginning of al-Baqarah that talk about the creation of Adam, and in some reports, that can be interpreted to suggest that there were creatures that existed on the world before Adam, and that they lived for a lengthy period of time, before Adam was created.

  1. This may provide credence to the idea that Adam was created considerably later in time than the heavens and the earth were created respectively.
  2. Al-Anwaar al-Kaashifah is an Arabic phrase that means “the Anwaar the Kaashifah” (p.
  3. The hadith explains how things were created on the face of the earth, and how this occurred in a span of seven days, according to Muslim tradition.
  4. It – I mean the hadith – is referring to a particular stage in the formation of creation on the face of the planet, up until the point at which it was suitable for human settlement.
  5. So, why shouldn’t the next six days be the same as well?
  6. This means that there is no conflict between this hadith and the Qur’an in this circumstance.
  7. Mishkaat al-Masaabeeh (3/1597)IV.
  8. According to the firstview, Friday is considered to be one of the six days in question.
  9. For those who believe in a second viewpoint, Adam’s creation does not count as part of the heavens or the earth, as is also the case with regard to the creation of the angels, Iblees, and devils.

It should be understood that Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, created the heavens and the earth before He created their inhabitants, as indicated by His words (interpretation of the meaning): “Say (OMuhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him): Do you truly disbelieve in Him Who created the earth.” At-Tahreer wa’t-Tanweer (Arabic: ).

In our response to question no.20907, we went into great detail about this subject.

So, how long did Nooh (peace be upon him) remain among his people, calling them to Allah, for a thousand years and fifty days?

As a result, the calculations on which they are based are also incorrect, as you point out in your statement, “the result we get is that Allah created the heavens and the earth only 4137 years ago, or approximately.” However, there is another issue that may be a source of confusion, and that is the misinterpretation of the age of the earth with the age of mankind, which is a clear error in judgment.

In other words, even if we assume that it is possible to calculate the period between Adam (peace be upon him) and our own time precisely or even approximately, this does not imply that the earth has been around for an indefinite period oftime.

Finding the precise age of man, as well as the period between Adam and Muhammad (peace be upon them both), is difficult for researchers to determine.

As a result, modern scientists disagreed substantially about the age of the object, indicating that the matter is not based on what is most likely and does not even come close to being based on certainty.

A third group asserted that it is older than 13 billion years, according to the data. These are all just conjectures; there is no definite proof that any of these points of view is right at this time. And Allah is the most knowledgeable.

The Earth is 6,000 years old

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Abu LorenSeniorMemberJoined: 29 June 2012 Location: United Kingdom Status: Offline Points: 1646 Post OptionsThanks(0)QuoteReplyTopic: The Earth is 6,000 years oldPosted: 05 January 2016 at 4:21pm
This world in which we all live in is relatively young and not billions of years old as the fiction that is masquerading as science tells us. The first great civilisation that sprung up was the Chaldean civilisation in and around the area that is in the present day Iraq. This is where the earliest form of writing is discovered, and suffice to say this area is where the Noah’s Ark landed after the flood (actually the evidence points to near Turkey) but we can picture the survivors moving to adjacent areas as the community grew larger.I know that the Pseudo scientists will come back with the ‘evidence’ of the Earth being billions of years old as they can ‘prove’ it with their flawed dating techniques, but what they have is not an exact science. They will always try to push their atheist views on the unassuming public but people will always discern what is right and what is wrong as the need to have God in our lives is much stronger than a need to obey satan.Edited by Abu Loren – 05 January 2016 at 4:23pm
La Ilaha IllAllah
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Matt BrowneSeniorMemberMale Joined: 19 April 2010 Location: Germany Status: Offline Points: 940 Post OptionsThanks(0)QuoteReplyPosted: 17 January 2016 at 8:03am
I’m surprised you’re repeating this kind of nonsense promoted by Amercian born-again Christians. I don’t see any contradiction between a 4,56 billion year old Earth and theism. Saying the Earth is 6000 years old is like saying the moon is made of green cheese.
A religion that’s intolerant of other religions can’t be the world’s best religion -Abdel SamadGreat minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people-Eleanor Roosevelt
Abu LorenSeniorMemberJoined: 29 June 2012 Location: United Kingdom Status: Offline Points: 1646 Post OptionsThanks(0)QuoteReplyPosted: 18 January 2016 at 4:11am
Matt Browne wrote:I’m surprised you’re repeating this kind of nonsense promoted by Amercian born-again Christians. I don’t see any contradiction between a 4,56 billion year old Earth and theism. Saying the Earth is 6000 years old is like saying the moon is made of green cheese.It is nonsense to a person who is brought up in the pseudo Science world without having spirituality.The contradiction is that the idea of a 4.5 billions years old Earth is promoted by satan worshipping scientists without any actual proof. Carbon dating is just conjucture and a need to push their ajenda as science. There is NO way that anybosy could date the age of the Earth.If a scientist in a white coat told you that the Moon is made of green cheese then you would believe it. That’s the difference between me and you.
La Ilaha IllAllah
Ron WebbSeniorMemberMaleatheist Joined: 30 January 2008 Location: Ottawa, Canada Status: Offline Points: 2493 Post OptionsThanks(0)QuoteReplyPosted: 18 January 2016 at 8:14am
Abu Loren wrote:There is NO way that anybosy could date the age of the Earth.So how do you know it’s 6000 years old? I think what Matt may be getting at is that this 6000 year figure is based the genealogies of Jesus and various other prophets as documented in the Old Testament.Are you willing to give that much credibility to the Bible?Or is there some independent source for this in the Quran?
Addeenul �Aql � Religion is intellect.
Tim the plumberSeniorMemberMale Joined: 30 September 2014 Location: United Kingdom Status: Offline Points: 944 Post OptionsThanks(0)QuoteReplyPosted: 18 January 2016 at 11:07am
Matt Browne wrote:I’m surprised you’re repeating this kind of nonsense promoted by Amercian born-again Christians. I don’t see any contradiction between a 4,56 billion year old Earth and theism. Saying the Earth is 6000 years old is like saying the moon is made of green cheese.I’m disapointed Ron, I thought we were leaving this one with his own coments about evidence.
Abu LorenSeniorMemberJoined: 29 June 2012 Location: United Kingdom Status: Offline Points: 1646 Post OptionsThanks(0)QuoteReplyPosted: 18 January 2016 at 1:00pm
Ron Webb wrote:So how do you know it’s 6000 years old?What’s so funny? I said the Earth could not be dated by any scientific method.Ron Webb wrote:I think what Matt may be getting at is that this 6000 year figure is based the genealogies of Jesus and various other prophets as documented in the Old Testament.Are you willing to give that much credibility to the Bible?Or is there some independent source for this in the Quran?Unlike the other Muslims I accept certain parts of the Bible, without being arrogant I can discern what is from God what is from man in the Bible. Yes, I accept the geneology as stated in the bible as also I believe that people at the beginning lived a lot longer. For example, Prophet Nuh (Alayhi Salaam) lived upt to 950 years.There are no evidence of any civilisation older than 6,000 years as there are no archeological finds supporting this, therefore what we have is the civilisations starting up after the flood of Prophet Nuh (Alayhi Salaam).
La Ilaha IllAllah
Tim the plumberSeniorMemberMale Joined: 30 September 2014 Location: United Kingdom Status: Offline Points: 944 Post OptionsThanks(0)QuoteReplyPosted: 20 January 2016 at 11:20am
year old building in Britian.Predates domestic animals.Predates farming. No cultivated plants. No planting of corn or anything like that.Different animals about such as giant wild cattle.
Abu LorenSeniorMemberJoined: 29 June 2012 Location: United Kingdom Status: Offline Points: 1646 Post OptionsThanks(0)QuoteReplyPosted: 21 January 2016 at 4:00am
Tim the plumber wrote: year old building in Britian. Predates domestic animals. Predates farming. No cultivated plants. No planting of corn or anything like that. Different animals about such as giant wild cattle.I read the first paragraph and just had to give it up. No wonder people like you are fooled all the time.” The home is so old that when it was built Britain was still part of Continental Europe”.
La Ilaha IllAllah

Miracles of the Quran: The Age Of The Universe

Time is a relative concept. It is known to us thanks to Einstein that my clock will not operate at the same pace as your clock. Acceleration and/or gravity influence the rate at which time passes (or the rate at which our clocks tick). If my clock accelerates and/or is subjected to a strong gravitational field, it will operate at a slower rate than your clock, for example. The Holy Quran compares the length of time spent on Earth with the length of time spent in Paradise or Hell (1 day vs. 1000 years).

  • 50,000 years).
  • According to the theory of general relativity, time moves more slowly towards an object that is more massive than the Earth (clocks run slower in stronger gravitational fields).
  • The Muslims claim that this is what Allah has stated.
  • They dare you to bring forth that suffering, and Allah has promised that He would not violate His promise; a day in the eyes of your Lord is equivalent to a thousand years in the eyes of those who count.
  • As a result, according to the Quran, time moves more quickly on Earth than it does in Paradise/Hell.
  • Because Paradise and Hell are far larger than Earth, time should move considerably more slowly in those places than it does on Earth.
  • According to Christian belief, God created the cosmos in six earthly days and rested on the seventh day.
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Muslims believe that God is not confined to His Throne, but rather that He created it and established it as a point of reference for mankind.

The size of God’s Throne dwarfs the size of the entire planet.

Our solar system has been around for 4.57 billion years.

The universe, on the other hand, is 13.7 0.2 billion years old.

The Muslims claim that this is what Allah has stated.

“Are you saying that you do not believe in the One who created the Earth in two days?” And you assert that they are on an equal footing with Him?

And we completed the creation of the Heavens and the Earth, as well as everything in between, in six days without being affected by exhaustion.

When God claims that He created the Heavens, the Earth, and everything in between (including you and me) in six days, He is referring to the span of time that has passed from the beginning of time.

Mohammad Alizade captured a solar eclipse in Mashhad, Iran.

The Preserved Tablet contains all of God’s instructions to the angels on the provision of food and water for man and animals.

This Preserved Tablet was written by God before the creation of the Earth began; God says that our prayers were answered during the first four days of creation, when Earth was still a cloud of smoke, and that He continues to answer our prayers today (as commands for the angels on the Preserved Tablet).

  1. “Are you saying that you do not believe in the One who created the Earth in two days?” And you assert that they are on an equal footing with Him?
  2. Upon it (Earth), he established mountains and poured blessings upon it.
  3. “Come together, gladly or unwillingly,” he said to it and to the planet Earth.
  4. In two days, he ruled them as seven heavens (one above the other) and disclosed to each heaven the commands of the other heavens.
  5. This is the edict of the Exalted, who is also known as the Knowledgeable.
  6. Following this, (Thumma in Arabic) God commanded the formation of the Earth.
  7. As a result, our prayers today have already been answered on the Preserved Tablet since before the beginning of the creation of the Earth.

Earth is 2 days old in God’s Throne time, whereas the Heavens, Earth, and everything in between are 6 days old in God’s Throne time.

Similarly, in Earth time, the age of Earth is 4.57 billion years while the age of the universe is 13.7 billion years; this is likewise one third (4.57 bln/13.7 bln = 1/3).

The science of general relativity explains why time at God’s Throne passes slower than on Earth.

According to the Quran:God’s Throne Paradise/HellEarth The smaller the mass, the faster the time.

For example, there exists an observer who measures the age of the universe to be 3 billion years, however, he also measures the age of Earth to be 1 billion years.

If the Quran presented it in any form other than a ratio it would have been wrong for different observers.

distance; this gives us the speed of angels which turned out to be thespeed of light.

time (no distance); this is time dilation.

1000 years) (1 day vs.

WhileQuran 70.4compares time on Earth withtime in wormholes(1 day vs. 50,000 years) (1 day vs. 50,000 years). (The Christian Bible puts the creation of Earth on day one; making the age of Earth equal to the age of the universe. The age of the universe according to the Bible is six thousand years).

Islam Creation Story

The History of Islam’s Origins Creation-related passages appear in the Qur’an in a variety of locations, including: “There are signs in the sky and on the earth for people who believe, without a doubt. As well as the fact that animals have been dispersed (around the globe), there are evidence for people who have a firm belief in God’s creation. Moreover, in the alternation of night and day, and in the fact that Allah brings down food from the sky, and with it, resurrects the earth after it has died, and in the changing of the winds, there are indications for the wise ” (45:3-5).

  1. It is said in the Qur’an that “the heavens and the earth were united together as a single entity until We shattered them apart” (21:30).
  2. His words to it and to the ground were, ‘Come together, gladly or unwillingly,’ he declared.
  3. Following Allah’s natural principles, the elements and the material that would become the planets and stars started to cool and solidify, bringing them together and forming them into their final forms.
  4. “It is He Who created the night and the day, as well as the sun and the moon; all (the heavenly bodies) swim along, each in its own circular path,” says the Prophet (21:33).
  5. “We have constructed the skies with great strength.
  6. There has been significant historical controversy among Muslim scholars concerning the precise interpretation of this passage, which is understandable given that knowledge of the universe’s expansion has just recently been gained.
  7. According to the Qur’an, “Allah created the heavens and the earth, as well as all that exists between them, in six days” (7:54).

The Arabic term “youm” is used in the passages that refer to the period of “six days” (day).

When it comes to time, one scripture compares the length of a day to the length of 50,000 years (70:4), yet another verse says that “a day in the eye of your Lord is like 1,000 years in your counting” (70:5).

As a result, the word “youm” is understood in the Qur’an to refer to a lengthy span of time – an era or an eon – in the Islamic tradition.

In addition to the fact that the length of these eras is not definitely defined, the specific advancements that occurred throughout each time are also not completely described.

To refute the Biblical concept of a day of rest, the author makes the following statement: “We created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in six days, and we were not afflicted by any sensation of fatigue” (50:38).

Every new kid born, every seed that sprouts into a sapling, and every new species that arises on the face of the planet is a part of the continual process of Allah’s creation, which continues to this day.

And he is aware of everything that goes into the heart of the earth as well as everything that comes forth from it, everything that comes down from heaven as well as everything that rises to it.

And Allah takes note of whatever you do ” (57:4).

Muslims understand that life has evolved over a vast period of time, but they believe that Allah is the driving force behind it all.

“How come you are not conscious of Allah’s grandeur, since it is He Who created you at various stages?

Do you not see how Allah has created the seven heavens one above the other, and how He has made the moon a light in their middle, and how He has made the sun a (glorious) lamp in their midst?

Water is the source of all life.

Another verse recounts the process of “Allah created all animals out of water, according to the Qur’an.

Allah produces whatever He desires, for Allah actually has complete control over all things ” (24:45).

Adam and Eve’s conception Even while Islam acknowledges the fundamental concept of life developing in stages over a period of time, human beings are believed to be a unique act of creation.

In a nutshell, Muslims do not believe that human beings arose from apes by chance.

The following is how Allah created Adam, according to the Qur’an: “We made man out of the clay and mud that had been molded into a human form.” (15:26).

People are therefore bound to the earth on a basic level by their existence.

Despite the fact that she is not referenced by name in the Qur’an, she is known as “Hawwa” in Islamic tradition (Eve).

“Oh, you miserable human beings!

The one who is the most virtuous among you is, without a doubt, the most revered among you in Allah’s eyes. Allah, on the other hand, possesses complete knowledge and is fully acquainted with everything.” (49:13). The following is an excerpt and adaptation from: The Creation of the Universe

Creationism, Minus a Young Earth, Emerges in the Islamic World (Published 2009)

AMHERST, Massachusetts (AP) — Creationism is on the rise across the Muslim world, from Turkey to Pakistan to Indonesia, according to foreign academics who convened in this city last month to address the issue of origins. Those who think God created the cosmos, Earth, and life only a few thousand years ago, on the other hand, are rare, if not nonexistent, according to the scientists who spoke with them. It is one of these reasons that, although the Koran, Islam’s sacred scripture, states that the cosmos was created in six days, the next sentence clarifies that a day, as used in this context, is metaphorical: “a thousand years by your reckoning.” However, some Christian creationists believe that the Bible contains a strict chronology that requires a 6,000-year-old Earth, and they reject not only evolution but also much of modern geology and cosmology, which assert that the Earth and the universe are billions of years old, as well as many other theories.

According to Salman Hameed, the conference’s organizer and professor of integrated science and humanities at Hampshire College, “religious beliefs have a clear effect on views of scientific development.” “There is no such thing as a young-Earth creationist.” However, this does not imply that all of evolution is compatible with Islam, nor does it imply that all Muslims enthusiastically accept the results of contemporary biology.

A growing number of people are appearing to be entering the ranks of so-called old-Earth creationists.

In many Islamic nations, the argument over evolution is just now beginning to gain traction, thanks to improvements in educational standards and more exposure to current biology concepts among students.

Research conducted by the Evolution Education Research Center at McGill University, in Montreal, discovered that high school biology textbooks in Pakistan included material on evolution as a theory of evolution.

When the McGill researchers and their international colleagues performed a poll of 2,527 Pakistani high school students, they discovered that 28 percent of the students agreed with the creationist view that “Evolution is not a well-accepted scientific fact.” More over 60% of those who responded disagreed, with the remaining 20% unsure.

  1. Taner Edis, one of the conference attendees, stated that when he was growing up in Turkey in the 1970s, he was never exposed to creationist overtones.
  2. Edis says he first became aware of creationism when he moved to the United States for graduate study.
  3. He assumed that was a peculiarity of the American way of life.
  4. Edis came across books on creationism while browsing through a bookshop in Turkey some years later.
  5. Edis was intrigued.
  6. Despite the fact that Turkey is officially a secular country, it is now ruled by an Islamic party, and the teaching of evolution has virtually disappeared, at least below the university level, according to Dr.
  7. The science curriculum in public schools has also been written in deference to religious beliefs, he added.
  8. Almost a quarter of the world away, the McGill researchers discovered that the majority of biology teachers in Indonesia use Mr.
  9. Although fewer pupils in Indonesia than in Pakistan agreed that evolution was a well-accepted scientific fact, 85 percent of students in both countries agreed that fossils demonstrated that life had existed for billions of years and evolved over time in the McGill study.
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Wiles, a professor of biology at Syracuse University and assistant director of the McGill center, the quality of biology instruction “varies greatly depending on what nation you’re in and what institution you’re in.” Furthermore, the situation in nations with a Shiite majority may be very different from the situation in countries with a greater number of Sunni Muslims.

In fact, Dr.

Many Muslims believe that evolution and the concept that life thrived without the intervention of Allah are mostly consistent with their religious beliefs.

According to the Koran, Allah created Adam, the first man, independently from the rest of the world out of clay.

Hoodbhoy, a prominent atomic physicist at Pakistan’s Quaid-e-Azam University, said that when he gave lectures covering the scope of cosmological history from the Big Bang to the evolution of life on Earth, the audience listened attentively to the vast majority of what he had to say without raising their voices in protest.

Hoodbhoy explained.

According to him, “it is the one issue that will never be feasible to bridge.” Your worth is determined by your ancestors, not your merit.” Even in countries like Pakistan, where evolution is taught as a matter of course, biology instruction typically ignores the subject of where humans originated.

  • Dr.
  • There is some evidence that Islamic creationism may be greater in the West, where non-Islamic influences are the strongest, as a result of the outside pressure.
  • Most students at Canadian Islamic schools did not believe that a significant body of evidence supported evolution or that all life originated in one place from the same common ancestors as they did.
  • Fossils, according to a survey of students at Islamic schools in the Toronto area, only half believed that life had existed for billions of years and had changed over time, compared to 86 percent of students in Pakistan who believed this.

Hameed and his colleagues will survey the beliefs of Muslim doctors in five Muslim countries Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Turkey and compare them with the beliefs of Muslim doctors in non-Muslim countries Turkish doctors in Germany, Pakistani doctors in Britain, and Turkish and Pakistani doctors in the United States in a study funded by the National Science Foundation.

“We actually expect a stronger rejection of evolution in England and Germany than we do in Muslim countries, especially in Europe, where they have a harder time assimilating into the culture,” Dr. Hameed said. “They have a harder time integrating into the culture,” he added.

Age of the universe in the Quran

A number of periods (notice that the Arabic term for “days” (yom) may also signify “periods” or “eons”), according to the Quran, were necessary for the creation of the cosmos in its current form. Also, keep in mind that there is no term for “space” or “universe” in traditional Quranic Arabic; the phrase for these concepts is “heavens,” which means that the Earth is where we are now located, and the “heavens” are what we see when we gaze up above). Indeed, Allah is your Lord, who created the heavens and the earth in only six days.

  1. “Do you really think that God created the planet in two days?” you can ask them.
  2. When the Quran claims that Allah created the universe, the Earth, and everything in between them (including humans and all other things now on Earth) in six days, it is referring to the time of existence, not the era of creation.
  3. To put it another way, this is akin to Carl Sagan’s 12 month cosmic calendar, which he developed.
  4. In addition, the Earth (which is enclosed within the cosmos) has existed for two eras out of the six that have occurred.
  5. In today’s cosmology, the universe is estimated to be 13.7 billion years old, whereas the Earth is estimated to be 4.54 billion years old.
  6. Consequently, contemporary cosmology estimates that the Earth is around one-third the age of the universe.
  7. Why did the Quran properly state that the Earth was formed during two periods of time?

How could a prophet who was not educated have known such a thing?

Take note of the usage of the word “and” in the Quran rather than the word “then.” In other words, these two assertions do not describe subsequent occurrences, but rather a description of what Allah accomplished.

There is a possibility that this refers to the determination of the period of time set aside to create Earth’s provision (materials that contribute to the formation of the Earth to be in the right location at the right time as Allah determined-this took 4 days).

Now, the Quran utilizes the term “then” to refer to a subsequent occurrence that has occurred.

This is also quite remarkable because of how accurate it is in terms of cosmology.

Here’s a video that walks you through the procedure.

The conjunction “and” is used between two sentences in the poem before this one.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming it must apply to the entire prior verse and not just the last sentence of the verse.

You may say something like: “I went to the grocery shop and decided what I would buy.” Then I went out and got it.” While the use of the word “then” implies that I purchased the items after visiting the grocery shop, it actually signifies that I purchased the items after deciding what I would purchase.

And (‘fa’), in two days, He finished them as seven heavens, each with its own command, which he inspired in each heaven.

Those are the conclusions reached by the Exalted in Might, the Knower of All.

This means that the numerous heavens were already in progress when the Earth was formed, and that the process continued 2 days after the Earth’s construction and was finished by day 6.

Because Allah revealed to us through His revelation that everything in between the heavens and the Earth (which includes people) was created in six days, it is reasonable to assume that Allah was speaking about this on the sixth day when the Quran was written (so the 6 days of creation includes humans).

Indeed, if the 6th period of creation encompasses the time the Quran was revealed (as previously stated), then the heavens were completed as the number of periods that they are now when the Quran was revealed (several) 2 periods after the beginning of the creation of the Earth (day 4)-4+2=6, as previously stated.

  • We are aware that the Quran specifies a six-day period as the duration of human existence.
  • After the Earth was made, Allah finished those things (in the state in which the Quran was revealed) two days after it was created.
  • As a result of this, it is critical to note that this passage may not be referring to the era following the formation of the Earth, but rather to the period preceding it.
  • As an alternative, Allah created the numerous universes (or clusters of our universe) within the first two days of creation, each of which looked somewhat like this.
  • Both of these ideas are possible based on the wording of the poem.
  • In other words, the fact that we are being tested on the Quran increases the likelihood of ambiguity and the presence of passages with numerous interpretations.
  • Take note of how this verse distinguishes between a solitary heaven and a plural “heavens”; this is an excellent question to ask!

Now, “heaven” may refer to the entire universe, and thus several heavens can refer to multiple worlds.

As a matter of fact, according to the Quran, there is a distinction between heaven and the other heavens.

What do you think of the phrase “lit up the nearest heaven with lamps”?

This passage appears to imply that the stars are in a heaven that is closest to us (and, as a result, heaven refers to the ‘universe’ because the stars are in it).

“Adorn” refers to the act of beautifying something.

Whether or not the Quran asserts the existence of a Multiverse is debatable.

There is no scientific or experimental evidence to suggest that the Multiverse exists at this time.

Indeed, it is possible that the Quran made the decision to only provide knowledge that was relevant to the Arabs of the 7th century, and as a result, the mention of the multiverse was deleted.

The Quran, on the other hand, suggests that there are planets outside of the cosmos, according to certain scholars.

It’s important to note that the word “worlds” is plural; it refers not only to our world, but to other worlds as well.

Is it possible that these other universes are multiverses?

Existing worlds/realities that are non-physical and non-universes might have fully different dimensions and be in entirely different dimensions at the same time.

It’s possible that there are universes out there that humans can’t even imagine.

If the Quran was revealed (several) 2 periods after the beginning of the creation of the Earth (day 4) falls within the 6th period of creation (see above), then the universes were completed to the number that they are at the time the Quran was revealed (several) 2 periods after the beginning of the creation of the Earth (day 4).

Also feasible is the phrase “many heavens,” which has both of those meanings in a single phrase.

If the Quran may utilize numerous simultaneous meanings when referring to a term, there is no reason to believe that it cannot do so as well.

– For the purposes of this essay, the verses above should be tailored to the situation.

For additional detail on this notion, please visit my previous posts on the subject.

Then (“Thumma”) He directed Himself to the heavens and created seven heavens for them, and He is the All-Knowing of the universe.

According to this verse, Allah created everything on the Earth first, and then created the other heavens after that.

That the verse stated “Allah created for you what is IN the Earth,” rather than simply “Allah created for you the Earth,” is quite interesting.

As a result, the big bang (the initial event of creation) resulted in the creation of all matter on Earth, after which the universe formed and expanded until it reached its current dimensions.

But which one is it, number (1) or number (2)?

The verse didn’t say anything about it.

It is repeatedly urged upon us to thoroughly analyze and reflect on the Quran; in fact, we are warned against simply passively understanding it without giving it any thought; rather, we should be embracing the richness and complexity it provides.

Of course not, that would be ridiculous, and in fact, this is not the message that this stanza is conveying.

This passage, on the other hand, is not as convincing as the preceding verses.

It’s possible that this verse isn’t making the point I just made (however, the verses I mentioned above are more conclusive).

See the article Understanding Thumma for more information.

See the article: “Seven or Several” for more information.

Also keep in mind that the Quran contains several ambiguous statements, and the actual meaning of these passages may not be revealed to us (3:7).

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