What Does The Name Islam Mean? (Solution)

Muslim: from a personal name based on Arabic islam ‘peace’, the name of the religion of Muslims. Islam is mentioned in several places in the Qur’an, for example at 3:19 ‘Religion with Allah is Islam (peace)’ and 5:3 ‘I have chosen for you Islam (peace) as religion’.

What is the real meaning of the word ‘Islam’?

  • Islam Facts The word “Islam” means “submission to the will of God.” Followers of Islam are called Muslims. Muslims are monotheistic and worship one, all-knowing God, who in Arabic is known as Allah. Followers of Islam aim to live a life of complete submission to Allah. Islam teaches that Allah’s word was revealed to the prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. More items


How did the name Islam come about?

From the name of the religion, derived from Arabic إسلام (Islam) meaning “submission (to God)”.

What is the Islam religion symbol?

Crescent and Star: The faith of Islam is symbolized by the Crescent and Star. The Crescent is the early phase of the moon and represents progress. The star signifies illumination with the light of knowledge.

Can I name my son Islam?

It is also allowed for the parents to allow others to name the child, since our Prophet used to name some of the children of his Companions. Then it is recommended to name the child after any pious person in the hope that it will become like him/her. Then it is recommended to name by any name which has good meaning.

Who wrote the Quran?

The Prophet Muhammad disseminated the Koran in a piecemeal and gradual manner from AD610 to 632, the year in which he passed away. The evidence indicates that he recited the text and scribes wrote down what they heard.

What is the best girl name in Quran?

Here is a collection of charming Quranic baby names you should definitely consider for your little one!

  1. Aabida. The name ‘Aabida’ has a Quranic origin, and it means ‘worshipper’ or ‘the one who worships Allah’.
  2. Aafiya.
  3. Aalifa.
  4. Aaliyah.
  5. Aasiya.
  6. Aayat.
  7. Aidah.
  8. Aisha.

What is the most beautiful name in Islam?

Here are some of the most beautiful names in the Arabic language.

  • Aya. A widespread name with roots in many languages, Aya is given to girls.
  • Amal. A name given to girls, Amal is the Arabic word for “hope”.
  • Sami. Meaning “transcendent”, Sami is a name given to boys.
  • Dalia.
  • Karim.
  • Dounia.
  • Hadi.
  • Kamal.

Why is green the color of Islam?

The Wikipedia article for Symbols of Islam says: “Green was the colour used by Muhammad’s tribe on their flags. According to Muslims the colour green symbolizes nature and life. In the Qur’an (Surah 76:21), it is said that the inhabitants of paradise will wear green garments of fine silk.”

Who founded Islam?

The rise of Islam is intrinsically linked with the Prophet Muhammad, believed by Muslims to be the last in a long line of prophets that includes Moses and Jesus.

Which color is prohibited in Islam?

Yellow is the most prominent example of gender differentiation through colours insofar as it was prohibited only for males. According to hadith litera- ture, the Prophet prohibited men from wearing yellow: ‘The Prophet, peace be upon him, has prohibited us from wearing yellow clothing’ (al-Nasa’ī 1988).

Do you have to shave baby hair in Islam?

In Islam, a baby’s hair should be shaved off on the seventh day from the baby’s birth. It’s sunnah, which means it’s the tradition of our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Muslims believe that shaving a baby’s head removes him from harm and weakness.

What is the spelling of Mashallah?

Mashallah (Arabic: مَا شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ, mā shāʾa -llāhu), also written Masha’Allah, is an Arabic phrase which means “What Allah has willed”. It is used to express a feeling of awe or beauty regarding an event or person that was just mentioned.

Islam (name) – Wikipedia


Pronunciation Islaam
Gender neutral
Language(s) Arabic
Word/name the religion ofIslam
Region of origin Muslim world
Other names
Derived Š-L-M
Related names Muslim,Salam

It is an Arabic given name and surname that means “acceptance, agreement approval (the truth),” “god-fearing, humility, devoutness,” “acknowledgement, admission, yield, obedience,” “obedience, preservation, protection, safeguarding, keeping,” “piety, loyalty, devotion,” “subjection, submissiveness,” “wonderment, admiration,” “respect,” “submitting,” and “wonderful” in Arabic. In addition, the name of the religionIslamis a Muslim name and is exclusive to Muslims. The term Islam is derived from the name Aslam (aslam), which is derived from the masculine noun-nameSalaam.

It might be used to refer to:

People with the surname

  • The following people are related to Abu Hena Saiful Islam: Aktar Islam– restaurateur, curry chef, and businessman
  • Faisal Islam(born 1977), British journalist
  • Jahurul Islam(born 1986), Bangladeshi cricketer
  • K M Baharul Islam, Dean of the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur
  • Kazi Nazrul Islam(1899–1976), Bengali revolutionary poet
  • Kazi Nazrul Islam Mitchell Islam (born 1990) is a Canadian figure skater who competes in the Winter Olympics. Among those born in 1979 are Mohammad Manjural Islam, a Bangladeshi cricketer, and Naeem Islam, a Bangladeshi cricketer born in 1986. Nurul Islam is a broadcast journalist, radio producer, and presenter
  • Nurul Islam Nahid is a former Education Minister of Bangladesh
  • Nurul Islam Nahid is a former Education Minister of Bangladesh. Rizza Islam (born 1990), a member of the Nation of Islam and a social media influencer, is a member of the Nation of Islam. Rupam Islam is a Bengali singer-musician who performs in the Bangla Rock genre in Kolkata, West Bengal. Runa Islam is a visual artist working in film and photography who was nominated for the 2008 Turner Prize. Sabirul Islam is an author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker
  • Saiful Islam is an Islamic scholar who is the founder, principal, and director of Jamiah Khatamun Nabiyeen (JKN)
  • And Sabirul Islam is the founder, principle, and director of Jamiah Khatamun Nabiyeen (JKN). Sanchita Islam is an artist, writer, and filmmaker
  • Shafiul Islam (born 1989) is a Bangladeshi cricketer
  • Shahara Islam–the youngest victim of the 7 July 2005 London bombings–was the youngest victim of the 7 July 2005 London bombings
  • Syed Manzoorul Islam is a critic, writer, and former professor at Dhaka University
  • Taijul Islam (born 1992) is a Bangladeshi cricketer
  • And Umar Islam is an artist, writer, and filmmaker. formerly Brian Young (born 1978), a participant of the thwarted 2006 transatlantic airplane plot
  • Yusuf Islam, a member of the foiled 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot Cat Stevens is a British singer who was born Stephen Demetre in 1948 and was formerly known as Cat Stevens.

People with the given name

  • Islam Makhachev (born 1991), a Russian mixed martial artist
  • Islam Slimani (born 1988), an Algerian footballer
  • Islam Karimov (born 1938), the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Islam Karimov (born 1938), the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam El-Shater (born 1976), Egyptian footballer
  • Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (born 1972), Libyan political figure and son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi
  • Noor Islam Dawar, Pakistani Pashtun human rights activist

Name Islam Meaning, Origin etc. – Boy Names – Baby Name Islam

The meaning of the term “Islam” is “Submission.” Islam is a Muslim religion. Pronunciation is as follows: (is LAHM) Itself is a form of (Islam)

Considering Islam as a Baby Name?

The first thing you should know if you are thinking of giving your child the name Islam is that it is a boy’s name in almost all nations throughout the world. The Arabic term Islam is derived from the word “Islam,” which is used mostly in Arabic-speaking nations, but also in a few other countries and languages around the globe. If you are considering naming your child Islam, we urge that you explore the particular significance and history of the name, since your child’s name will play an important role in his or her life, and your child will hear it uttered to him or her on a daily basis.

Many people believe that a child’s name can influence his or her future success in life, whether through their children’s working careers or other circumstances, and as a result, they choose more “respectable” names or name meanings, believing that the meaning of the name reflects the child’s personality.

Islam Name Meaning

Islam means “Submission” in its most basic sense. Take into consideration the fact that many names may have a variety of meanings in different nations and languages, so be certain that the name you pick does not imply anything negative or unpleasant. Search exhaustively and discover the meaning and origin of the name Islam, as well as the meaning and origin of any other name in our database. In addition, take notice of the spelling and pronunciation of the name Islam, as well as the initials of the name when compared to your last name to see how it looks and sounds different.

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Name Islam Categories

In the following categories, the name Islamis is found: Algerian Names, Arabic Names, and Muslim Names. Please click here if you would like to make a suggestion for a name category or categories. We offer a plethora of various baby name categories to search for special meanings as well as popular and unusual names; check our database before making a decision; however, keep in mind that baby name categories are intended to be a resource rather than a deciding element when selecting a name. Instead, we propose that you pay more attention to the origins and meaning of the word Islam than you did previously.

Read ourbaby name articles for helpful hints on choosing a name for your child and naming your child. If you are considering giving your child the wonderful name Islam, please share this information with your friends to show them how much you appreciate them.

Popularity of the Name Islam

Below you will find a chart displaying the annual popularity of the baby name Islam from 1880 to the present day in our name popularity chart. For each year represented by a dot, move your cursor over or click on it to discover how many infants were given the name in that year, for both genders, if such information was made public.

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Islam Boy Name Popularity Chart

Note: The information in the preceding table comes from the Social Security Administration of the United States (additional information here) and is drawn from Social Security card applications for births in the United States for every name, from 1880 to the current year. Because the data displays the record applications without being checked for inaccuracies, it is possible that the gender linked with the name is wrong. The popularity and ranking of a given name are released once a year, therefore the statistics for this year will not be accessible until next year, at the earliest.

When two names have the same popularity, a tie is broken by awarding the names the same popularity rank in alphabetical order.

In order to preserve the privacy of individuals, the SSA eliminates names that appear fewer than five times from the data it provides.

We provide a complete and meaningful list of popular names and cool names, as well as information on the name’s origin, meaning, pronunciation, popularity, and other relevant facts about the name.

Do your research and choose a name wisely, kindly and selflessly.

Our research is ongoing in order to provide a high-quality service; our name lists are evaluated on a regular basis by our name specialists; nonetheless, if you believe any of the material on this page is wrong or incomplete, please let us know immediately. Please use ourcontact form to offer your recommendations, or leave a comment below with your thoughts. Were you unable to locate what you were searching for?

Definition of Islam

  • Examples
  • British
  • Cultural
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The religious faith of Muslims, founded on the words and religious system founded by the prophet Muhammad and taught by the Quran, the basic principle of which is absolute submission to a unique and personal god, Allah.the entire body of Muslim believers, their civilization, and the countries in which their religion is the dominant religion./ slm, z-, s lm, z-/noun


Even though they are similar terms with similar meanings, their applications are vastly different from one another. To understand more about these often misunderstood terms, please click on the icons below.

EVALUATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF AFFECT AND EFFECT VERSUS AFFECT! In effect, this exam will determine whether or not you possess the necessary abilities to distinguish between the terms “affect” and “effect.” Despite the wet weather, I was in high spirits on the day of my graduation celebrations.

Origin ofIslam

From Ottoman Turkishislam, which derives from the Arabic wordislama, which means to surrender, resign oneself, submit oneself (to God’s will), and from the Semitic rootlm, which means “to be whole, sound”; akin to Arabicsalmand Hebrewshlam, which derives from the Semitic nounalm, which means “peace.”


Islamic,/slm k, -lm k, z-/,Islamitic,/s lmt k, z-/,adjectivenon-Islamic,adjectivenon-Islamitic,adjectivenon-Islamitic,adjectivenon-Islamitic,adjectivenon-Isl

Words nearbyIslam

AdjectiveIslamic,/slm k, -l m k, z-/,Islamitic,/slmt k, z-/,adjectivenon-Islamic,adjectivenon-Islamitic,adjectivenon-Islamitic,adjectivenon-Islamitic,adjectivenon

How to useIslamin a sentence

  • His speech has become more detailed: obedience, which is the definition of Islam in Arabic, provides him with a certain amount of pleasure
  • In my opinion, this magazine spent as much time making fun of French politicians as it did making fun of Muslims or Islam. Anti-Islam protests are held every week in Dresden, Germany, drawing thousands of people. It is so important to ISIS that they refer to it as Ayn al-Islam, which means “Islamic city.” The town is known in Arabic as Ayn al-Arab, and it is the group’s headquarters.
  • It is now clearer what he is saying: obedience, which is the definition of Islam in Arabic, provides him with a certain amount of pleasure. In my opinion, this magazine spent as much time making fun of French politicians as it did making fun of Muslims or Islam
  • The anti-Islam marches in Dresden, Germany, attract thousands of people each week. It is so important to ISIS that they refer to it as Ayn al-Islam, which means “Islamic city.” The town is known in Arabic as Ayn al-Arab, and it is the headquarters of the group.

British Dictionary definitions forIslam

Mohammedanism is the religion of Muslims, which is based on the Koran as its sacred source and which teaches that there is only one God and that Mohammed is his prophet; it is also known as Islam.

  1. Muslims as a group, as well as their civilisation
  2. The nations where Islam is the prevalent religion

Derived forms of Islam


Word Origin forIslam

C19: derived from the Arabic word for submission (to God), fromaslamato means surrender. 2012 Digital Edition of the Collins English Dictionary – Complete Unabridged Edition (William Collins SonsCo. Ltd. 1979, 1986) In 1998, HarperCollinsPublishers published the following books: 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2012.

Cultural definitions forIslam

An Islamic religion, created byMuhammad, whose adherents worship the one God of Jews(see alsoJews) and Christians(see alsoChristian) (God is referred to as Allahin in Arabic) and adhere to the teachings of theKoran Islam literally translates as “submission to the will of God,” and believers of Islam are referred to asMuslims. “There is only one God, and Muhammad is his prophet,” according to Islam’s foundational belief system. Muslims are required to pray five times a day, to fast during the daylight throughout the holy month of Ramadan, to abstain from eating pork and drinking alcohol, and to provide charitable contributions to the destitute during the month of Ramadan.

notes for Islam

Islam is the predominant religion in Arab countries, as well as a number of countries in central Asia, as well as Malaysia and Indonesia. The Third Edition of The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy is now available. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company acquired the copyright in 2005. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company is the publisher of this book. All intellectual property rights are retained.

Islam Name Meaning in English – Islam Muslim Boy Name

Islam is a Muslim Boy name that derives from the Arabic language and is used by Muslims over the world. Acording to Numerology Predictions, fortunate number for Islam is 6. Islamic names indicate peace, total surrender or submission of one’s will to God and the religion in their English translations. People think that their lucky days are determined by their names; for example, Tuesday and Thursday are considered to be Favourable and Fortunate Days for those with the name Islam, and the lucky metals are copper and iron for those with the name Islam.

Islam is featured in the Boys directory of Boys Islamic names meaning part, and can be searched simply online or you may check in alphabetic “I” of the Boys Muslim names area.

A total of about 244 newborn Boy names that begin with the letter I can be found in our names section. You may also look out the meaning of the name Islam in Urdu by visiting our Muslim Urdu names section.

Q. What does Islam name mean?

It is written ” ” in Urdu to represent the meaning of Islam’s name. Peace, total surrender or submission of will to God and the religion are the meanings of Islam’s name in English translation.

Q. What is the Lucky Number of Islam?

The number “6” is considered to be a fortunate number related with the name Islam.

Q. What is the religion of the name Islam?

Islam is the religion that goes by the name of Muslims.

Q. What is the origin of Islam name?

The Arabic language is the source of the word Islam.

Q. What is the auspicious color of the name Islam?

The colors red and violet are considered auspicious for the name Islam.

Islamic Names – Muslim Baby Names with meanings for boys and girls


Islamic Name Meaning
1 Aaban Name of the Angel
2 Aabid Worshiper
3 Aadil Just, Upright
4 Aahil Prince
5 Aalam World
6 Aalee Sublime, high
7 Aalim Religious Scholar
8 Aamil Doer, Work man
9 Aamir Civilised
10 Aaqib Follower
11 Aaqil Intelligent
12 Aarif Knowing, aware
13 Aariz Respectable man
14 Aaryan Of Utmost strength
15 Aashif Bold, courageous
16 Aashir Living
17 Aasif An able minister
18 Aasim Person who keeps away from sins
19 Aatif Kind Affectionate
20 Aaus Name of a tree
21 Aayan God’s gift
22 Aazim Determined
23 Abaan Old Arabic name
24 Abbas Gloomy look
25 Abd Al-Ala Slave of the High

In 15 pages, we discovered 358 Islamic names for Muslim boys that begin with the letter ‘A.’ 12345678910Next

Muslim Boy Names


Muslim Girl Names



Important: Please keep in mind that SearchTruth.com cannot guarantee the correctness of the meanings of any of the names presented on this site. This is why we recommend that you get confirmation from a local Imam before settling on the name you want to use for your child.


Allah, also known as Allah (“God”) in Arabic, is the one and only God in Islam. According to etymology, the name Allah is most likely a contraction of the Arabic-Ilh, which means “the God.” From the earliest Jewish literature, we may deduce that the term for god wasil,el, oreloah was used, the latter two of which were later employed in the Hebrew Bible, the name can be traced back to the beginning of time (Old Testament). Allah is the traditional Arabic term for God, and it is used by both Muslims and Christians who speak Arabic, as well as by Jews who speak Arabic.

Since God himself speaks the Arabic language, the Arabic term has unique meaning for Muslims everywhere, regardless of their original language or dialect.

This quiz delves into the world of religions and civilizations, covering everything from temples to festivals.

The Qur’an emphasizes above all Allah’s uniqueness and solesovereignty, a theological concept reflected by the Arabic termtawd(“oneness”), which literally means “oneness with Allah.” He never sleeps or tired, and, though transcending, he perceives and reacts to everything in every location as a result of the omnipresence of his divine knowledge, which he perceives and reacts to in every place.

  1. He also has no offspring.
  2. Allah is the “Lord of the Worlds,” the Most High; “nothing is like unto him,” and this in itself is a plea to the believer to love Allah as the Protector and to magnify his capabilities of compassion and forgiveness, which is a prayer to Allah from the believer.
  3. God is immensely merciful, but there is one sin that he will not forgive in the afterlife, according to the Qur’an: associationism, often known as polytheism, which is defined as believing in more than one god (shirk).
  4. In the Qur’an and Hadith (the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad), Muslim scholars have compiled the 99 “most beautiful names” (al-asm al-usna) of Allah, which define his characteristics and are found in the Qur’an and Hadith.

Al-Qayyim, al-Aqq, al-Azz, al-Sam, al-Bar, al-Shahd, al-Wakil, al-Wakil, al-Wakil, al-Wakil, al-Wakil, al-Wakil, al-Wakil, al-Wakil, al-Wakil, al-Ghafr, al-Ghaffr, al-Ghaffr are Shahadah, the confession of faith by which a person is welcomed into the Muslim community, consists of the statement that there is no deity but Allah and that Muhammad is his prophet.

The phrase sha Allah, which means “if Allah wills,” appears regularly in everyday conversation.

Although Muslims believe that nothing happens and that nothing is accomplished unless it is as a result of Allah’s will or mandate, they also believe that humans are individually accountable for the moral decisions they make at any particular time.

Rather from being unthinking and uninformed, such surrender should be deliberate and founded on knowledge of God and his commands gained via God’s revealed word. Asma Afsaruddin is a Pakistani actress. Those in charge of editing the Encyclopaedia Britannica

Islam – Definition, Meaning & Synonyms

Muslim believers follow the religion of Islam, which is the name of the faith. Those who adhere to Islamic beliefs believe that the Qur’an is the inspired word of God. If you practice Islam, you are a member of a religion that places a high value on honoring God and adhering to Islamic law, among other things. In the eyes of numerous prophets, including Abraham and Jesus, Islam is the ultimate religion, which has been revealed over time to the Muslim world. The Arabic wordislam, which means “submission to God’s will,” is the source of the wordIslam, which comes from the wordaslama, which means “he resigned, he surrendered, he submitted.” Islam is defined in several ways.

  1. A noun that refers to the monotheistic religious system of Muslims that was established in Arabia in the 7th century and is based on the teachings of Muhammad as given down in the Korans. Synonyms: Islam Islamism,Mohammedanism,Muhammadanism,Muslimism more information less information types: Display up to five different types. 5 kinds are hidden. Mahdism is the belief in the arrival of the Mahdi, as well as loyalty to a Mahdi figure. It is a militant group of extremist Sunni Muslims who believe they are the only correct interpreters of the Koran and regard moderate Muslims as infidels. Its goal is conversion of all Muslims and the establishment of its own fundamentalist version of Islam as the dominant religion throughout the world. Shiism Ali is considered the genuine successor to Mohammed by those who follow this branch of Islam, who reject the previous three caliphs. Islam is practiced in Saudi Arabia under the banner of Wahabism, which is a strict and fundamentalist type of Islam. Ismailism the branch of Shiism known for its esoteric philosophy is one of the most important. belief in a single God
  2. Nounthe culture of Muslims as a whole, which is ruled by the Islamic faith “Islamism is the main religion in northern Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, and Indonesia,” according to the United Nations. synonyms:Muslimism
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Urban Dictionary: Islam

Muslims make up 1.8 billion people worldwide, and Islam is not a religion of hatred; rather, it is a religion that encourages people to approach issues with the appropriate mindset and resolve them in a peaceful manner. What’s amusing is that detractors have explained to you what Islam is, despite the fact that they have degrees in the religion themselves. In it, they don’t follow it, and they certainly aren’t scholars. When faced with hatred, Islam encourages us to tackle it with a peaceful way rather than attacking those who are verbally or physically bullying us.

  1. Furthermore, opponents claim that not only did arabs construct Islam, but that arabs (Jesus) were also responsible for the creation of Christianity and Judaism, both of which originated in the Middle East.
  2. Beatrix.
  3. It is a common misperception about Islam and Muslims that Islam is a violent religion in which its adherents are expected to murder, enslave, or convert all non-Muslims, however this is not the case at all.
  4. And, according to Al-Fitnah, unbelief is worse than death.
  5. God is a kind and forgiving God.
  6. However, if they desist, there should be no further transgressions save against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.) “One should not take the Quran at face value despite these verses.

When it refers to Unbelievers, it is referring to Muslims who do not adhere to the Islamic creed while holding the label of Muslim. Infidels and non-believers are treated in the same way. Get an Islam mug for your bunkmate Jovana to show them how much you care.

From Aisha to Khalid and Walid: 200 Arabic baby names and meanings

Aisha Baker and South African cricketer Wayne Parnell named their lovely newborn son Khalid in 2018. The couple were first-time parents.

  • Also read:Aisha Baker has announced the name of her baby son, as well as the wonderful symbolism behind it.

In an Instagram post, the blogging mom said that her bundle of joy was named after “the famous Khalid ibn Al Walid, a fighter in Islam, a beloved Muslim, and a friend of the prophet (SAW).” As “Ibn” means “son of” in Arabic, it follows that Khalid was the son of Walid, who was also a Muslim fighter, and whose name is likewise Walid, the name of Aisha’s spouse! Coincidence? Hmmm. Even more impressive, we looked up the Arabic meaning of Khalid and discovered that it also means “forever” or “everlasting,” which makes it a genuinely amazing name for her adorable baby son to be given to him.

  1. Our team understands that naming your little one, who has brought you so much delight from the minute you first laid eyes on him or her, isn’t the most straightforward chore in the world.
  2. In addition, if you’re expecting a child, you could be feeling a bit overwhelmed while you search for the right baby name.
  3. We’ve compiled a list of both girl and male baby names, as well as their meanings, for you to enjoy browsing through.
  4. However, a number of names that we initially assumed were Arabic turned out to be Persian, and as a result, they were left off this list.


Aaban (F)Meaning: Aaban is the name of the angel. Aadil (M) is an Arabic word that means “just; upright.” Aahil (M) is an Arabic word that means “prince.” Aaminah (F) is a feminine pronoun that means “secured; safe.” Aanisah (F) is a feminine given name that means “young woman; maiden.” Aara (F) is a feminine name that means “adoring.” Aariz (M)Denotes a respectable individual. Aasia (F) is a feminine given name that means “hope.” Aatif (M)Denotes a person who is kind and loving. Aabidah (F) is a feminine given name that means worshipper.

  • Aabish (F)Denotes the daughter of Sa’d, who reigned as Iran’s queen (AN).
  • Aamirah (F) is a feminine given name that means “imperial,” “abundant,” or “inhabitant.” Aamir (M)Denoting civilized behavior.
  • Aatika (F) is a feminine noun that means “generous.” Aarifah (F) is a feminine pronoun that means “knowing” or “recognizing Islam.” Aashir (M) is an Arabic word that means “living.” Aasim (M)Denotes a person who refrains from committing sins.
  • Abdul Ahad (Meaning: Servant of the One) is a Muslim name.
  • Adam (M)Denotes a son or a guy.
  • To trust without doubt is what Almira (F) represents.
  • Meaning of Afsheen (F): Shine brightly like a star.
  • ‘Aleena’ (F) translates as’silk of heaven.’ Ali (Meaning): High and mighty; majestic.
  • Amal (F)Denotes a sense of hope or desire.
  • Amir (M) is an Arabic word that means “prince.” Amira (F) is an Arabic name that means “princess.” Aneeqa (F) is a feminine pronoun that means “beautiful.” To be fortunate; to be a lion is to be called Asad (M).
  • In the Arabic language, Asim means “protector,” “guardian.” Asma (F)Meaning: Beautiful; exhilarated, ecstatic, fantastic.

Atiya (F) is an Arabic word that means “gift from Allah.” IQEEL (M) is an Arabic word that means “intelligent” or “sensible.” Ayoob (M)Meaning: The name of a prophet (in Arabic). Azim (M) is an Arabic word that means “protector.” Azzam (M) is an Arabic word that means “resolute” or “persistent.”


Bashir/Bashiera (M) is a slang term for Bashir or Bashiera (F) Meaning: One who brings pleasant news; one who brings joyful tidings. Baqir (M) is an Arabic word that means “learned; lion.” Bilal (M)Meaning: One who quenches one’s thirst; also the name of the Prophet’s muezzin (one who calls for prayer).


Daania (F)Denotes a beautiful person. Dariya (F)Denotes someone who is well-mannered, ladylike, bright, and insightful. Daniyal (M) is an Arabic word that means “intelligent.” Daiyaan (M)Meaning: A powerful ruler, judge, and defender; one who does not render an act useless, but rather compensates for it. Dawood (M)Meaning: Prophet Dawood’s given name (David).


In the language of Daania, this means “beautiful.” DARIYA (F)Meaning: Polite and ladylike; clever and insightful; well-mannered and ladylike Intelligent is the meaning of Daniyal (M). A great king, judge, and defender; one who does not render a deed useless, but rather pays for it; Daiyaan (M) (M)eaning: Prophet Dawood’s given name (David).


Meaning of Fadilah (F): Deserving of praise; good. Fakhir (M)Meaning: Excellent; so wonderful that it makes you feel proud of your accomplishments. Farah (F) is an Arabic word that means “joy.” Farouk (M)Denotes a person who is able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Fahim (M)Denotes a scholar or a learned person. Fareedah (F)Meaning: one-of-a-kindFarhan (M)Meaning: content Fatima (F)Denotes a person who abstains from doing anything. Fayez (M) is an Arabic word that means “victory.” Fayyad (M) is an Arabic word that means “generous.” Fazil (M) is an Arabic word that means “superior.” Firdaus (F) is a Persian word that means “garden of heaven.”


Ghaalib (M)Meaning: Victory.Ghaffar (M)Meaning: Forgiving. Ghaalib (M)Meaning: Victory.


Habeeba (F) is an Arabic word that means “beloved.” Hakim (M) is an Arabic word that means “wise.” Halima (F)Denotes a person who is soft, delicate, and patient. Hamid (M)Denotes the act of praising. Hammad (Meaning): One who is praised; one who is praised. Hannan (F)Denotes someone who is compassionate. Haris (M)Denotes a guardian or a protector. Haroun (M) is an Arabic name that means “brother of Prophet Moosa.” Hashim (M) is an Arabic name that means “brave remover of evil.” Delicate; thin is the meaning of the name Hayfa (F).


It is pronounced Habeeba (F). Affectionately referred to as Hakim (M). In the Arabic language, Halima means “soft,” “gentle,” “patient.” Affectionately referred to as Hamid (M). In the Arabic language, Hammad (M) means “praise” or “praise giver.” Hannan (F)Denotes a person who is kind and generous. A guardian or a protector, as in Haris (M).

Haroun (M) is an Arabic name that means “brother of Prophet Moosa”. Means “brave remover of evil.” Hashim is a Muslim name. Delicate; slim is the meaning of Hayfa (F). Color: red, as in the name Humaira (F). In the Arabic language, Hussein (M) means “beautiful; handsome.”


Jahaan (F)Denotes the world, the universe, or the cosmos. Jamal (M)Denoting a handsome or lovely individual. Jamila (F) is a feminine pronoun that means “beautiful woman.” Meaning of Jawaad (M): Noble and generous. Jibran (M)Meaning: To be rewarded for doing well; to effect positive change. Junaid (M)Denoting a soldier or a fighter.


Kabir (M)Denotes a great, strong, and charismatic leader. Kader (M) is an Arabic word that means “strong.” Kamal (M) is an Arabic word that means “exceptional.” Kameel (M)Meaning: Everything is perfect. Karim (M)Denoting generosity and noble character. Meaning of the name Khadija (F): Wife of the prophet. Khairunnisa (F) is a feminine given name that means “Lady of Peace.” Meaning of Khalil (M): A close buddy. Khalid (M)Meaning: Khalid lives indefinitely.


Kabir (M)Denotes a great, strong, and charismatic individual or group. Powerful is how Kader (M) is described. Excellence is what Kamal (M) means. Means “perfect” in Arabic. Kameel (M) In the Arabic language, Karim means “generous” or “noble.” Meaning of the name Khadija (F): Wife of Prophet Muhammad. (F)Latin for “Lady of Peace.” Khairunnisa (F) A close friend, according to Khalil (M). In other words, Khalid (M)lives indefinitely.


Mahdi (M) is an Arabic word that means “well guided.” Mahir (M) is an Arabic word that means “skilled” or “talented.” Mahmoud (M)Meaning: Deserving of praise. Malik (M) is an Arabic word that means “king.” Malika (F) is a feminine given name that means “queen.” Mansour (M)Meaning: Blessed with heavenly assistance. Manha (F) is Arabic for “gift from Allah.” Mariam/Maryam (F)Meaning: Arabic version of the name ‘Mary,’ who is the mother of Jesus Christ. Maroof (M)Denotes something good or nice. Maseeh (M)Denotes a person who has been blessed with piety.

Muammar (M) is an Arabic word that means “long-lived.” Muazzam (M) is an Arabic word that means “exalted,” “glorified,” or “honored.” Mubeena (F)Denotes anything that is clear and obvious.

Muhsien (M) is an Arabic word that means “benefactor” or “benevolent.” Mujeeb (M)Denotes a person who responds to someone who has requested assistance.

Beautiful, dazzling, and beaming with gladness (especially in reference to a woman’s radiant face), Musfirah (F) is a feminine pronoun.


The meaning of Naeem (M) is “comfort” or “grace.” Nabilah (F) is an Arabic name that means “noble.” Companion, confidant, and friend; repentant is the meaning of the name Nadeem (M). Nadia (F)Denotes delicateness and tenderness. (The Russian word for “hope” is “aspiration.”) Nadir (M) is an Arabic word that means “beloved.” Nailah (F)Meaning: Achieved success. Naima (F) is a feminine pronoun that means “calm.” Naseema (Female)Denotes a refreshing wind. Nasir/Nasira (M)(F)Meaning: One who supports you or someone else.

Nuhaa (F)Denotes intelligence, wisdom, and excellent judgment. Nur (M) is an Arabic word that means “light.” Nura (F)Denotes a space that is flooded with light. Nihann (M)Denotes anything that is latent, concealed, or secret.


Omaira is a female narrator (F) The color red denotes significance. Omar is a young man who grew up in a Muslim family. Omar is a Muslim who grew up in a Muslim family (M) Meaning: To prosper or to achieve success. Osama (M) is an Arabic word that means “lion.”

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Qadir (M) is an Arabic word that means “full of force.”


Rabia (F)Denotes the fourth position. Raeesa (F) is a feminine pronoun that means “leader, master.” Rafiq (M)Denotes a buddy who is kind or sympathetic. Rahim/Rahima (M) (F)Meaning: to be kind; to be kind; to be merciful. Rameez (M)Denotes someone who is noble, intelligent, and level-headed. Rania (F)Denotes a pleasant and content state of mind. Rashad (Meaning): One who is righteous and blameless. Rashid (M)Meaning: Having the correct faith. Rauf (M)Denotes the ability to feel compassion. Its meaning is “luxurious; one of the gates of paradise.” Rayyan (M) Razana/Razeena (F)Denotes someone who is composed, serene, and dignified.

Ridwaan (M) is an Arabic word that means “pleased, content, and loyal to Allah.” ‘Beautiful garden’ is the meaning of Riyaaz (M).


In Arabic, Saara (F) means “wife of a prophet” (Ebrahim), and also means “pure.” Sabiha (F)Denotes something beautiful and brilliant, like the morning sun. Saddam (Meaning): One who challenges the other party. Safia (F) is a feminine pronoun that means “pure.” One who prostrates or worships is referred to as Sajied (M). Salem (M)Denotes a secure and sheltered environment. Salma (F)Denotes a secure and tranquil environment. Salmaan (M) is Arabic for “safe.” Samir (M)Denotes a mountain or a hill.

  • Shabier (M)Denotes someone who is extremely attractive.
  • Shakeel (M) is a male pronoun that means “handsome; good looking.” A sweet aroma and flavor are represented by the name Shameema (F).
  • Shuaib (Meaning: One who points the way in the proper direction.
  • Sumaya (F) is a feminine given name that means “one of a kind.” Suwayd (M) is an Arabic word that means “black.”


Tahir (M) is an Arabic word that means “pure.” To strike; to be a nocturnal visitor. Tariq (M) is an Arabic word that means “to strike.” Talib (M)Denotes a person who is on the lookout. Taskeen (F) is a feminine given name that means “peace and tranquillity.” Tasneem (F) is an Arabic word that means “fountain of heaven.” Tawfeeq (M)Denotes the capacity or potential to accomplish achievement; it is derived from the Arabic word for agreement or reconciliation.

Tayyibah (F) is an Arabic word that means “good; healthful; virtuous.” Thaakierah (F)Denotes a person who is constantly reminded of Allah. Thana (F) has the meaning of praise.


Umar (M)Meaning: Name of the second Caliph. Usman (M)Meaning: Name of the third Caliph.Uzair (M)Meaning: Precious; also considered to be a prophet in Islam.Uzair (M)Meaning: Precious; also considered to be a prophet in Islam.


Vega (F) is a Latin word that means “falling” or “landing.”


Meaning of Waheed/Waheedah (M) (F): One-of-a-kind. Wajiedah (F) is a feminine pronoun that means “satisfied” or “rich.” Walid (M) is an Arabic word that means “newborn.” Describer; one who exalts oneself is what Waseefa (F) is all about. Waseem (M) is a male given name that means “handsome, beautiful.” Widad (F) is a feminine given name that means “unity, harmony, and affection.” It is pronounced Wisaal (F) and means “reunion,” as in “when lovers meet.”


“On the right, on the right hand,” says Yameen (M). Yasin (M)Denotes someone who is well-known or rich. Yasmin (F) is an Arabic word that means “jasmine blossom.” Yasser (M)Meaning: It’s simple. A prophet’s name, Yaqub (M) has the following meaning: (Jacob). Yazid (M) is an Arabic word that means “increase.” Yumna (F)Denotes a blessing or a favor. Yusra (F) is a feminine given name that means “prosperous.” (M)Meaning: Name of a prophet (Joseph); god’s might grows in plenty.


Zahir (M)Denotes radiance and luminosity. Meaning of Zahra (F): Beautiful, brilliant, sparkling; bloom, blossom; a flowering plant. Zaida (F) is a verb that means to elevate or enhance. Zakkiyah (F) is an Arabic word that means “pure.” Zara (F) is a feminine name that means “radiant.” In the Arabic language, Zayaan (F) means “something lovely and dazzling.” The meaning of Zayn (M) is “beauty and elegance.” Zeeshan (M)Denotes a high level of performance. Zeinab (F) is a feminine given name that means “flower of the desert.” Ziyad (M)Denotes the act of adding or increasing.

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Who is Allah? Understanding God in Islam

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The names and character of Allah

Allah is referred to be the Lord of the Worlds in the Qur’an. Unlike the biblical Yahweh (who is often referred to as Jehovah), he does not have a personal name, and his customary 99 names are really epithets that are used to refer to him. The Creator, the King, the Almighty, and the All-Seer are examples of such beings. Two of Allah’s most essential names appear in a statement that is commonly used to begin texts: Bismillah, al-Rahman, and al-Rahim (In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful).

Even though Muslims profess to be against anthropomorphic depictions of Allah, the Qur’an describes him as speaking, sitting on a throne, and possessing a face, eyes, and hands.

If things go well, one can sayma sha’ allah (as Allah wills), but if things don’t go well, one can sayal-hamdu li-llah (thank you, Allah) (Thanks be to Allah).

Muslims say that Allah is bigger than all else in their prayers and on other occasions (such as conflicts and public demonstrations) (Allahu akbar).

Allah and the god of the Bible

Allah is often understood to signify “the god” (al-ilah) in Arabic, and it is more likely to be cognate with than to be derived from the Aramaic word al-ha. All Muslims and the vast majority of Christians admit that they believe in the same deity, despite the fact that their interpretations of that god differ. Christians who speak Arabic refer to God as Allah, and Gideon bibles, which contain passages from John 3:16 in several languages, declare that Allah sent his son into the world. “Our god and your god are one,” the Qur’an asserts, addressing both Christians and Jews in the same sentence (29:46).

Therefore, some Christians dispute that Allah is the god who is acknowledged by them.

Trying to argue that the god of the Qur’an and the god of the Bible are two separate entities is like to claiming that the Jesus of the New Testament and the Jesus of the Qur’an (who is not divine and was not crucified) are two different historical figures.

Polytheistic origins

Indeed, polytheists were the majority of those who acknowledged Allah prior to the revelation of the Qur’an. Interestingly, Abdullah was the name of Muhammad’s own father, who died before the Prophet was born (Servant of God). While some may believe the argument that Allah cannot be God due to his origins as part of a polytheistic religious system is sound, it ignores the historical roots of Jewish monotheism (and its Christian and Islamic derivatives). Despite the fact that he initially reigned over a huge pantheon, biblical authors equated the Canaanite high deity El with their own god.

A variety of terms such as elandelohim, New Testamenttheos (hence theology), Latindeus (thus deism), and the pre-Christian, Germanicgodcan all refer to both the Judeo-Christian god and other supernatural creatures.

While traditional Jews and Christians think that the religion of Adam and Eve was polytheistic, Muslims believe that it was monotheistic from the beginning of time.

From Judaism came the belief that Abraham, in particular, had been the one who (re)discovered monotheism and rejected idolatry, which was later adopted by Islam.

The real monotheism of Abraham, from which even Jews and Christians had purportedly drifted, was the goal of Muhammad’s effort to reestablish the faith.

Gods as human constructions

If Abraham lived at all, which is highly unlikely given his age, he would have flourished around the early second millennium BCE. Critical historians and archaeologists, on the other hand, contend that Israelite monotheism did not emerge until around the time of the Babylonian Exile — more than a thousand years after the biblical period. The reason why there are so many varied conceptions of God and gods is almost certainly not because humans have erred in their interpretation of a divine revelation.

Particular groups of people have made attempts to maintain their identity or even exert their hegemony over others on the basis that they have been specifically chosen by God to receive real revelation.

In addition, it explains Malaysian Muslim efforts to discourage Christians from referring to God as Allah, out of concern that legitimizing the Christian view of Allah could endanger Islamic control in the country.

What’s with the “al-” names in the Middle East?

Download the MP3 audio version of this story here, or subscribe to The Explainer’s free daily podcast on iTunes to hear more stories like this. According to Iraqi national security adviser Mowaffaq al-Rubaie, an insurgent called Haitham al-Badri was the architect of the bombing of the Samarra shrine, according to an article published on Wednesday by the New York Times (subscription required). Al-Badri used to be a member of an insurgent group known as Ansar al-Sunna, which means “Sunna’s Army.” He is now a member of al-Qaida in Iraq, which was formerly led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi until his death, after which Abu Hamza al-Muhajer took over as leader.

It is the definite article in Arabic, which is the same as the word “the” in English.

When Saddam Hussein was growing up, his family name, “al-Tikriti,” was commonly used to refer to him.

It is also possible to combine the definite article with the name of a profession in Arabic surnames.

As a matter of fact, the English word “alchemy” is derived from the Arabic name for chemistry mixed with the prefix “al-.” The prefix “al-” is sometimes squished along with the remainder of the word.

You might also transcribe the name as “al-Akhdar,” which literally translates as “the green one.” However, it is most commonly abbreviated as “Lakhdar.” The anglicized name “Abdul” derives from the same root as the original name.

It is possible that “Abd al-Rahman” translates as “the servant of the Merciful.” * What about the prefix “el-,” which appears in the name of the International Atomic Energy Agency’sMohamed ElBaradei?

(“Alef” and “lam” are the letters used in Arabic to spell out the word.) The “el-” form is more commonly used by people from francophone nations such as Tunisia, however each individual can choose how they wish to spell their name in roman letters according to their own preferences.

The country of Iraq is referred to as “al-Iraq” in Arabic, which means “the Iraqi.” Baghdad, on the other hand, is simply referred to as “Baghdad.” In terms of when to employ the preposition “al-,” there is no hard and fast rule.

Organizations, such as al-Qaida and Ansar al-Sunna, can also use the definite article, as in “Ansar al-Sunna.” When the term “Al Qaeda” is printed in the New York Times, there is no compelling rationale for the usage of an uppercase “A” and no hyphen.

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Correction received on June 30, 2006: Originally, the name “Abd al-Allah” was used as an example of an Arabic given name in this article.

The “Abd al-” construction is used to refer to God’s characteristics, as in “Abd al-Karim” (the servant of the Generous) and “Abd al-Jabbar” (the servant of the Mighty) (the servant of the Mighty). Return to the sentence that has been fixed.

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